Sustainable Brands

A brands USP is doomed if it is not sustainable. This is true for brands and also true for humans and the environment.

At Blue Swimmer we are growing more passionate about sustainability every day.

We have chosen to pivot away from perpetual growth, preferring to strive for a better balance of success and sustainability. Not only have we found it liberating, we have also found it good for business.

Why? Because we are not the only ones changing. Everyone is changing and the rate is accelerating. It is no longer good enough simply to buy what we like or make profit through any means. People everywhere are seeing the failings of this tired, unsustainable model and are changing their thinking and their behaviour, fast.

Our ‘reason for being’ has quickly re-formed into helping other businesses and brands make these pivotal sustainability shifts.

The exciting thing is that being better environmentally is both exciting and attractive. It heralds a wave of positive change that is wonderful to activate inside your organisation and inspiring to share with audiences on the outside.

We are invigorated to place such an important brand purpose at the heart of what we do.

If you are interested to explore what true sustainability might look like for you and your brands, please reach out to us. We’d love to help you find your brands sustainable ‘reason for being’.