Welcome to the Blue Swimmer Group. We are an experienced brand consultancy that helps clients with strategy, branding & design.

We are also passionate about environmental sustainability, helping our clients harness their inner green for the future of their business and the planet. Read More >

Work out who they are and what makes them unique
Determine what they should say and how best to say it
Project themselves effectively to their customers

We use the power of branding to help clients build brand value and sales. Turning plans and ideas into saleable products & services.

We are experts in the business of brands. We pride ourselves on being skilled, knowledgable, efficient and delivering tangible value. We focus on the real world of business. Where getting things right and getting things done is what ultimately counts.

We have a long standing passion for branding. Our experience and perspective is broad. From business and brand strategy to naming and identities through to the many forms of verbal and visual branding.

We stay at the forefront of global branding best practice. We observe, review, interpret and distill the evolving brand landscape and bring the that value to our work and clients.

That is usually a combination of:

  • A clear and concise brand strategy
  • A strong name, url, descriptor and tagline combination
  • A unique and memorable logo and central visual ID
  • Ownable and consistent branding application across communication touch-points
We live and work in both bricks & mortar AND digital worlds.
Blue Swimmer Group was incorporated in 2002. It is a privately owned Company based in Sydney, Australia.

David Goudie, Director

A highly experienced international brand strategist. Expert in brands and branding, naming, design, advertising and strategic marketing. 20+ years experience working in large & small businesses and agencies worldwide. Uniquely skilled to plan, develop and build strong businesses and brands platforms for clients. Originally from Sydney, Australia. B.BUS UTS Aust.

20+ years marketing and advertising experience in blue chip organisations in Australia, the UK and Europe including Allied Domecq, SC Johnson & Sons, British American Tobacco, Bates Dorland, George Patterson Bates and Mars Foods. Plus in-depth small business knowledge with hands on experience doing everything a small business owner has to do to create, develop and grow.

Susie Collins, Director

A highly experienced designer with classic & digital expertise in graphic, identity, fashion and online design. A graduate of Visual Communications from the University of Technology Sydney, Susie has over 20 years experience working for design agencies in Australia, the US and Europe.

Susie’s wealth of experience combined with her talent and professionalism ensures the highest standards in all work delivered. An expert in matching intelligent & creative ideas with business deliverables and deadlines.

We offer a broad range of high quality business, brand and design consulting services.

Business & Brand Strategy

Art & Design Direction

Brand Showcases & Experiences

Naming, Descriptors & Tag-lines

Advertising & PR

Creative Campaign Development

Logo, Identity & Graphic Design

Packaging and Marketing Collateral

Internal and Trade Communications

Verbal Messaging & Copywriting

Brand Alignments & Sponsorship

Press Releases

If you require a particular skill set for your project please share it with us. We have a great deal of experience across all facets of branding, marketing, sales and design so chances are we have likely been there before. But rest assured if we do not think we can deliver your project to a very high standard then we will politely decline the work. We never take on work that we do not have the skills or experience to manage so there is no possibility of us ever over promising and under delivering.

We encourage you to please contact us so we can talk further.

At Blue Swimmer Group we work with clients in one of two ways.
1. Project Basis

When working on a project basis, we take a clients brief and prepare an estimated cost to deliver the project. Estimates are developed based on our expectation of the direct costs and hours work required to deliver the project. We present this estimate to our clients for review. Once agreed the project is undertaken. Project based work is suitable for briefs with clear and defined deliverables without the risk of significant variation.

2. Hourly Rates

Hourly rate projects are costed on the actual hours spent completing the work. Hourly rates are agreed for the type of work required and then recorded and invoiced for the actual hours worked. Hourly rates are set by Blue Swimmer Group and are dependant on a number of variables including the size of the project, the complexity of the work, the expected duration of the work and whether the relationship between Blue Swimmer Group and the Client is short, medium or long term. Hourly rates are great for projects that have the potential to vary as the project progresses.

In general we try to be as flexible as possible with how we work to suit our Client’s needs. We don’t like to waste time and money with excessive processes and red tape. We prefer to keep businesses relationships clear & efficient so we can spend our thinking time on making the project outcomes great. Please contact us is you would like to get an idea of cost for your project. You will find us upfront and realistic.